United Way Estevan

connecting with community with simplicity

Client Info

United Way Estevan

Tool Set

WordPress, Photoshop

Project Brief

The United Way Estevan approached me to design a new website to replace the one that was currently in place.

Some of the top priorities were to create a site that would be a simple outreach tool with information readily available and easy to find. It also needed to be something that was easy to maintain and update content. The third priority was to make it easy for people looking to volunteer, donate or take part in some of the United Way Estevan’s event could sign up online, making the process simple for users to get involved.


Laptop with the United Way Estevan website


Wordpress was the perfect solution. It allowed me to create a beautiful custom site while offering the executive director the option to do updates on her own.

The old site had a large number of pages, many of which we were able to merge into single pages gathering information on particular subjects in one place.

We also had to be careful that their SEO was kept intact. The old site had been up for a long time and had developed a great organic ranking. I took care to make sure that all the old pages were redirected to the where the information was stored on the new site.