Souris Valley Museum

Create a site that offers online registration and outreach in the community

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Souris Valley Museum

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Project Brief

I was approached by the Souris Valley Museum to redesign their website. A couple of key things they wanted in the new site were:

  • To create awareness about the fact that they are now open 365 days a year
  • To be able to do basic edits on their own
  • To register participants for their camps and programs easily

The site needed to have a more modern feel to it, while still having a historical feel to it. And the site needed to cater to a large demographic of people from young families to our older generations.

svm laptop


The design of the site was based on the 4 main colours in the logo. From there I broke the navigation into pieces that made sense and aligned with the Souris Valley Museum’s goals.

From there I began to add in elements that would improve the user experience and create awareness for visitors as they came to the site.

One of those features are an events calendar that is placed both on its own page and on the home page. The style of calendar allows the user to never lose sight of the website getting them lost.

The other big feature was to create a registration process/form that allowed people to register their children in camps and programs. This was important because of the location of the museum. The form needed to cover a multitude of programs and work in a waiver form as well.