Recharge Logo

Develop a logo for a new start up that would be memorable and distinctive.

Client Info

Recharge Massage Studio

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Project Brief

Recharge Massage Studio is a new studio in Estevan.

RMS did not want to limit themselves through their logo in just massage, while that is the main function, down the road they want to be able to offer services from other beauty industry professionals and wanted an identity that made room for their future dreams.

That meant avoiding things like hands.

Recharge Massage Studio Logo
Recharge Massage Studio Logo on a business card


After learning who their clients would be and how they wanted to operate and gaining an understanding about the industry, I knew what to avoid.

We choose to go with a calming pastel tone in a script paired up against a darker bold font font to create a bit of tension which moved into a calmer feeling.

It is usable on light and dark surfaces. I also took into consideration possible uses and kept the overall look and feel flat and easy to use in any scenario whether it print or digital.