MBFI Banners

Create print pull up banners that can be used individually or all together

Client Info

Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiative

Tool Set

Indesign, Photoshop

Project Brief

Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiative (MBFI) are often out and about in the community and wanted stand up banners that would travel with them.

The problem: Some venues have space to set up three banners, while others do not. The request was to figure out how to make three banners that would work well in a set of three or an individual set up.

MBFI Banner Mockup
MBFI Banner Stand Mockups


The solution to the problem was to develop the centre banner so that is worked by itself or in a collective.

The client provided information in a priority. We determined that it was most important to have contact information readily available at all times and then the other two would contain photos and other information for interest.