Lemon Wedge Marketing

Develop a logo for a start up that would be memorable and distinctive and meaningful.

Client Info

Lemon Wedge Marketing Group

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Project Brief

Lemon Wedge Marketing Group is a unique startup in Estevan with a focus on local. Their intention is to develop marketing solutions in many different disciplines and making it possible by partnering with local businesses and services.

Their ideal client would be a businesses that are in need of assistance managing their marketing including print, social media, websites etc., but don’t necessarily have time to connect with several different service providers on their own.

They would be the funnel point for and do the leg work on behalf of the client. The logo need to be simple and memorable.

Lemon Wedge Marketing Group Logo
Lemon Wedge Marketing Group Logo on a business card


The solution was centred around being detailed and modern. I really played with the idea of a lemon wedge being an added touch in the culinary world and something people could connect too.

A simple sans serif was chosen for readability and the modernness component. Green and yellow were obvious choices for the colour, but attention was paid to the tones as yellow can sometimes disappear into the background.