Estevan Basketball Association

Developed a site that streamlines and simplifies the registration process

Client Info

Estevan Basketball Association (ESBA)

Tool Set

WordPress, Photoshop

Project Brief

The Estevan Basketball Association (ESBA) approached me about creating a website that would help them improve their registration process. Currently everything was done with paper and they were interested in streamlining how the process.

Requirements for the project included ease of use first and foremost.

The registration process needed to allow for one parent to register multiple athletes in different programs. The information needed to be easily accessible for the people registrars and the programs each had to have limits for how many athletes could register.

ESBA website capture
ESBA website on multiple devices


Using WordPress, the site was developed as a one page site that would deliver pertinent information quickly and then stream the user directly into the registration process.

Using Gravity Forms,  the registration process was set up so that a parent or guardian can register more than one athlete. Once each program filled, those programs would disappear from the form.

The site is fully responsive allowing parents/guardians to register from any device.