Encompass core Values

Create a set of signs that communicate the studios core values in a cohesive manner

Client Info

Encopmass Fitness Studio

Tool Set

Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography

Project Brief

Encompass Fitness Studio is a community minded, class based studio that focuses on the betterment of their clients lives.

Recently the owner had developed their core values and were in need of developing a visually appealing display. The five values needed to connect, but also somehow be different from one another.

Encompass Fitness Core Values Signage
Encompass Fitness Core Value Signage


TJD suggested printing on PVC board that would not require frames and could be hung directly on the wall. Each was design at a 24″ x 36″ dimension.

Each value needed an icon to be developed to go with each, these were drawn from scratch in illustrator.

The values were each was assigned a colour out of the branding standard provided and the pieces were all tied together with a background image that stretched across all four posters when put together. The angled design also pulls the four values together when side by side.

A fifth poster was developed to include all four values in one space for quick reference for member entering and exiting the facility.