Annual Report 2018

Develop an annual report that is visually appealing, professional and within brand guideline

Client Info

Southeast College

Tool Set

Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

Project Brief

Each year the Southeast College has a number of documents that need to not only be created, but they need to be sent of to the government readied for online usage as well and always with tight timelines.

The Annual report is one to these documents.

A major focus of the Annual Report in the last couple of years has been to take this very text heavy document and make it both visually appealing and easy to read. One of the requests was to develop visual interest not only through photos but using data sets to create infographs or graphics that made the information readily available and easy to understand.

The document would also contain a large number of tables that would need to be kept consistent and easy to understand.

Bottom line for this project was taking a document that had the potential to be a rather dull output and turn it into something reader friendly and interesting to look at all while keeping within the College’s brand standard.

Southeast College 2018 Annual Report
Southeast College 2018 Annual Report Page Spread
Southeast College 2018 Annual Report Page Spread


The Southeast College is a client I have had the opportunity to develop a long standing relationship with and I have come to understand their design needs.

This project specifically, I started by developing a colour palette for the overall book – with brand standards in mind of course. From there I decided on the look and feel of the book and began to develop graphics and layout that would work within the boundaries I had created.

Once the aesthetic of the report was finalized, I began to fill in the information using fonts provided within the branding standard.

Using columns for text with generous white space was purposeful for readability factors.