What I should have said.

In October, I had the opportunity to speak at a chamber of commerce event in Estevan.
I blew it. I am definitely the first to admit it. On top of it all, I am not the greatest speaker, I get nervous and tense and it is awkward, and then I got out my lane and the talk didn’t feel right. Ya know?
Ok, it was probably worse in my head than it actually was, but that is also ok. The thing is, I spoke about what I thought I should – subject matter that I am familiar with and understand, but not really my lane.
I chatted about branding and how you should control your branding and why you should care about your branding – essentially. I spoke too much like a marketer and less like a designer.
What I should have spoken about was consistency. Brand consistency, customer experience consistency and how I can help with that.
This is what I should have said:
If you want to build your brand and continue to develop it in a positive light you need to consider how you are going to provide consistent customer experience, everywhere.
In-store, website, social media, advertising.
Everywhere a customer meets you, or you meet a customer – a business should offer an experience a customer cannot deny is you and cannot help but come back for more. You want your customers to feel consistently like they are the most important aspect of your business.
Ultimately, customers are the ones who will decide your brand. Make sure you offer them an experience so great that they can do nothing but love you.
Give rather than take. Tell them why they need you consistently and kindly and they will reward you for it.

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